APYE experience

Negative to positive.

This is my feelings and thoughts for Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange. When I was participating the 3rd APYE last January, I kept complaining about everything. From the time management to the food, nothing was satisfying. Now, however, which is already 4 months after APYE, my feelings and thoughts toward APYE have changed. Now, I can feel that APYE have empowered me. Now, I know what APYE have taught me. Now, I know APYE could be life changing experience to youth.

When I was attending the program, there was so many things to complain about. Since I am from four season country, it has been difficult to stay in very hot weather of the Philippines. As a person from developed country, Philippines situations were often come to an unacceptable level. The programs were not fancy as I thought when I was applying for the program. I was not able to take enough rest. For the latest days at the local immersion, I only slept 5 hours for 3 days. There were problems between people. While working on the project, I had to care about the relationships. APYE gave me such a big headache and stress. Than why, did my feelings and thoughts about APYE changed?

APYE program components are very simple. We learn to make a project, see the local situation, find a problem, and make out a solution. However, if you are deeply immersed to the program you could see more. You will see how different people think and act, if there is nationality difference even more! From the way of thinking about youth to the way of using the toilet, we were all different. The only same part was the passion toward Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs). You will learn the importance of listening to other people. Personally, I regret of not listening to my teammates enough. Filipino have more idea of what the reality of Philippine is and other nationality delegates could give more creativity to the project. You will feel helplessness and hope at the same time. I felt helpless by the gap between my ideal dream and the public’s mind. However, I found hope. If I could change the people’s mind, I could also change the world to better world. This simple program taught me so much.

l I grew up a lot through APYE that even I could feel myself thinking wider. APYE has taught me a lot and it has made me think that I should continue to strive for a better world. For that goal, I am working at 4th APYE Organizing Committee. I hope through 4th APYE, more youth could be empowered and give positive effect to the world. In the future, I want to keep on working for a better world by empowering more people. Especially, the ones who are the most below.

EMPOWER and BETTER WORLD, it is happening.

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