Internship in ADB

Hi, my name is Ha Young Lee from Korea.

Currently, I am doing ADB-UYA internship which started last March 2017. I am a part of Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange organizing team in Youth for Asia as a Marketing Officer. My main job is to plan how to promote APYE, manage the tools for advertisement, and design the materials needed for APYE. Working with colleagues from 12 other countries, I experience diversity, different cultures and thoughts. Secondly, I also support the work of Youth for Asia team. The team mainly focuses on how can youth can be part of the development work and guide the young leaders to have an opportunity to participate in ADB Projects.

My endless dream. This is what I felt during the internship. The more people I meet, the more dreams I have. While double majoring in International Development and Cooperation, I didn’t have ideas how I can apply the knowledge I learned. However, after talking to the specialists, I learned how I am a big stakeholder of sustainable development. Now, I’m trying to find what is the best way to contribute to the developing world to the better place to live. Also, there are a lot of opportunities like attending lectures or meetings of ADB, or join the projects.

When first started the internship, I didn’t have confidence on the work I do because all the team members have amazing skills and abilities. As getting used to the work and learning from the team mates, my work-related skills have improved and I got confidence! This internship will be the first step to my career and dream, and will never forget the experience. Sometimes the work is tough, but I want to try my best to finish my internship well.

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