Empowered Champion: Denxybel Montinola

Hi everyone!

I am Denxybel Montinola, an incoming 5th year student taking up Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics at the University of San Carlos. Currently, I'm venturing on my undergraduate thesis on Rheology - the study of the flow and subsequent deformation of matter. Besides being a Physics student, I am also a Flag Football player, a YouTube addict, and a leader in different scientific, political, and environmental organizations.

Last March 9 2018, I was announced as The Outstanding Leader on the 35th USC Excellence Awards.I am blessed to have been given the privilege and honor to have this award for what little contributions I made for our society. Having this recognition wouldn’t have been possible without my family, friends, Asia Pacific Youth Exchange, Let's Do It - Philippines, USC Physics and Astronomy Society and Tingog Carolinian Party; they are truly my backbone.

My Journey in the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange played a big role in honing me to become a compassionate leader. Without APYE, I wouldn’t have been able to experience and see the co-existing, and prevailing problems that our country is currently facing. It opened my eyes to the harsh realities of life that lead me to speak out my ideas and to voice out my opinions to realize and actualize a better future. With the help of this program, including the organizers and fellow delegates, they taught me to become a leader who is compassionate, a leader who acts with kindness, and a leader who is willing to serve without any recognition.

I am not just a youth leader. I am the future. If we could only collaborate as one and move towards innovation. Race, gender, religion and social status are labels - labels that shouldn’t hinder us to voice out and speak out. Let us engage and sing to the rising chorus of change that brings forth facts and opinions and let these be the basis of our actions that will lead us to a better and brighter tomorrow. My message to my fellow youth, is to be open, be adventurous, be critical, be brave and be scientific.


Are you one of our graduates who is now an empowered champion? Tell us your story and we'll love to publish it here. E-mail us at graduates.mnl@urbanyouthac.org

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