Empowered Champion: Yuliana Nike Ndaumanu

In my final year in university, I decided to join the 5th iteration of Asia Pacific Youth Exchange - Philippines in Manila. One of my personal career goals is to become a United Nations Representative, specifically working to support children in Indonesia through the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) numbers four (4) - Quality Education and one (1) - No Poverty. The local immersion site I was assigned to was in Cabuyao, Laguna. My experiences in thePhilippines reminded me of the children back in Indonesia, and it heightened my realization that right education is not only about the right theories, but it is also about the right attitude and moral values which I think is the core foundation of education. I believe that education is a basic human right for every children and we need to pour out more efforts on securing it, especially for those who are living in the rural areas.

After my two-week journey in APYExPHL, I came back home to my beloved home in Indonesia-Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara and started my very own “Dare to Dream Project.” This project is designed for young people in my hometown to participate as volunteers in support of SDGs. Right now we are running two activities for the youth:

  1. Free English class for children specifically for orphans who are not supported to go to school.

  2. A ‘MILLENNIAL WORKSHOP’ which aims equip young people to know more about the SDGs and be able to share their knowledge among their fellow youth. This workshops also aims to train children to have the skills that they need to lead their own community-based projects and activities.

Just recently - March 2019, we completed our first ever workshop last and we are currently planning to regularize the activity every quarter with different topics depending upon the needs of the people.

From there, I realized that just like the “domino effect” concept, we have to pass on our knowledge and experiences to others. Once this pilot project is replicated, more people will care about the situation of the world around us. We should stop complaining or blaming each other but instead, let us become proactive and solution-oriented people.

In 2018, there was a big international event held in Bali, Indonesia - People’s Summit on Alternative Development on the theme Voice on Equality and Justice. I was invited to attend the said event. The People’s Summit was for civil society organizations that play an active role as one of the development actors who voice out concerns, ideas, experiences, and good practices to make an impact on the world. I will also be attending the Annual Meeting of World Bank and IMF in Bali soon. My APYExPHL experience was an unforgettable one that has definitely shaped my concern and involvement in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Joining APYE became an eye-opening experience for me to realize my dreams and make it come true. The program provided me the leadership opportunity to enhance my teamwork and crisis management skills. Through APYExPHL, I was able to see how I could be a solution-oriented person myself and be able to ideate when issues arise. With that, I believe that everyone must learn how to be a leader who empowers other people be leaders as well.

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