Work: Re-Worked

The role of work in our lives is undeniable, on average; a person spends 90,000 hours of life at work. With its role being so fundamental to a human being, it’s only natural that work will reflect the developments that humanity has achieved. On Nov. 12-15, Trisha, In Young and I represented APYE Manila to the MISK Global Forum at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It brought together 7,000 young leaders and thinkers from over 120 countries. This year’s forum centered on the future of work, it delved on the emerging forms and innovations in the workplace, workflow and the workforce. Pioneering these changes are the youth that harness the power of technology and creativity to pave the way for redefining work that is more relevant to the world.


Gone are the days when coming to the office is essential to get work done. In today’s world, virtual meetings, co-working spaces and output based work are slowly replacing the need to come into the office. This innovation allows for greater flexibility for the worker to ensure that he/she will work in a situation that allows for the most creativity and productivity. The gradual decrease of relying on a shared space has also paved way for more diverse teams as there is a less need for physical presence. Teams today cross geographical and cultural boundaries. Communication and collaboration has proven to grow stronger as work has become about work being done and not about where it’s being done.


Today’s youth are the most educated ever, possessing knowledge and skills beyond what is taught at school. With a vast array of capabilities, we are shaping the formation of a gig economy. It is common today to engage in “gigs” or small projects that earn money. Vloggers, freelance writers and influencers are some of the emerging gigs today. The gig economy allows us to pursue different interests while earning money for engaging in our passions and curiosities. We no longer need one full time job as the gig economy opens us up to endless possibilities for our career growth.


We are the designers of the system that the world will run on. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and innovation, age has just become a number as countless youth all over the world work together with different sectors and groups to create a world that is more responsive and relevant to the needs of today. We play an active role in shaping the societies that we belong to and we recognize the need to step up as these are the same societies that we will inherit. We have started, and with bright minds, passionate hearts and creative hands, what we will achieve will truly be a spectacle to behold.

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