Empowered Champion: Asyraf Aisy Azzadin

Asyraf Aisy Azzadin. 16 years old. Indonesian

At the new year school’s holiday in 2019. I got a chance to be one of the delegates representing Indonesia on the 7th Asia Pacific Youth Exchange – Philippines (APYExPHL) held last January 2019. I was the youngest delegate and I was not very confident about myself even I underestimate myself in terms of brainstorming with people but the committees are very welcoming and heartwarming that eventually guides me and made myself confident enough to go through all moments on APYE. I believe if we want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we have to create proper and right education through all of the continents even in households' environments.

Through all of the brainstorming and conversation we took, it made myself become more open mind, open heart, and open will. And through Asia Pacific Youth Exchange, I’m becoming a ‘more whole person’ of myself that makes me not afraid anymore to stand out and make things right if there’s an incorrect thing happen in my life. Because APYE provided me an eye-opening experience and to enhance myself on leadership and teamwork skills. And it also heightens my critical thinking skills that I was able to observe solutions for certain issues in my life.

And in the graduation of 7th APYE, I remember a statement that says “This is not the end of the journey, but it is the start of the SDGs journey”, and I interpret that statement well. So afterward, I came back to my homeland in Jakarta, Indonesia. I proposed an idea to one of my school’s organization which runs in school’s facilities and infrastructure —to reduce the usage of plastic in my school. My suggestion was replied well without any movement appear afterward.

With the APYE’s experience and knowledge that makes me more empowered, so in the next semester, I initiate myself to stand up become the head of the organization. Yet I lose in the election and then I become the general secretary/vice president of the organization (MPK 13). so I proposed my own project/mission which reduces the usage of plastic to make this world becoming more sustainable. I said reduce because we cant change lifestyle in a moment, we need time to make this project better and better through the years. then later after I graduate in high school I'll let my junior to continuing my project. I know maybe it’s a simple idea that everyone was thinking about, but only a few people who are starting to implement this kind of project. And through this project, I’m thinking about the long term impact on the environment. I’m thinking if we start now, other schools can imitate this project and hopefully, all of the schools in Indonesia can imitate this project.

I use my knowledge and skills such as research, brainstorming, proposing—provided by APYE to start the progression. Back in August 2019, I discussed to the school administrator about this project and they responded well. And in October, I’m having some research on other schools and I’m having brainstorming with my team and teachers in my school. And now my proposal already got accepted by my school’s principal. And we will be funded by the government to support this project and it is waiting for the implementation which starts in January 2020.

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